Audience :

  • End Users

Topics :

  • Overview of Planning
    • We unbundle all the components within a Planning implementation and cover the architecture of the product suite. This section also familiarizes students with the terminology used in Planning and multidimensional design. In doing this review of the concepts we introduce you to all the tools used in Planning development by walking students through an extensive demonstration. Students will understand how all components fit together: Planning, Essbase, HAL, Forms, HBR, Reports, and more.
  • Building Forms
    • After the basics of design have been covered, we look at the enduser perspective forms. The focus is on designing forms based on different requirements. We cover form design alternatives, the mechanics of building out forms, customizing forms, and best practices for deploying forms and advanced topics such as building asymmetric forms and building dynamic forms that allow users to add rows on the fly.
  • Smart View Client
    • If a client is using Smart View, we walk through all the steps for accessing forms through the Excel Smart View client. We go through taking forms off line, submitting data, and all the equivalent functionality that the Forms interface provides.
  • Business Rules
    • We show you how to add business rules to a form and manage the options for how they will interact with Planners.
  • Workflow Management
    • This section covers how to move a plan through the review and approval process. We go through typical ways we see companies take advantage of this feature in Planning to manage the budgeting cycle and how to use task lists to help in the process.