Audience :

  • HRIS Analysts
  • Consultants
  • Implementers
  • HR Administrator
  • Line Manager
  • Employee

Objectives :

  • How to recognize the importance of role-based security access as it pertains to job roles in Talent Management.
  • How to perform basic Profile Management tasks, including: employee lookups, descriptive flexfields, and content types.
  • How to implement common talent objects, such as review periods, performance document types, items in the goal library, and Talent Management notifications.
  • How to manage goals and goal settings, as well as work with Team Talent and Talent Profile Cards to maintain performance goals.
  • How to setup Career Development for your organization, as well as define, recognize, and administer questionnaires to garner feedback from your audience.
  • How to setup and navigate Oracle Cloud Performance Management, including: setup options, documents, and evaluations.
  • How to setup, navigate, and maintain Succession Management, including: succession plans and talent pools.