Audience :

  • Absence Management Administrators
  • Human Resources IT or Human Resources IS Support
  • Absence Management Functional Users
  • Reporting Superuser

Objectives :

  • How to utilize the Security Reference Implementation Guide, as well as maintain security with HCM, OIM, and APM.
  • How to implement Cloud Absence Management, the Setup and Maintenance work area, and the Absence Administration work area.
  • How to configure Cloud Absence Management optional setup components, including: eligibility profiles, derived factors, rate definitions, and fast formulas.
  • How to understand absence plans and optional absence plan setup prerequisites, such as repeating time periods and elements, as well as how to set plan limits, associate rates with a plan, and enable balance updates for a plan.
  • How to create and manage a Qualification Absence Plan, including: attributes, participation, entitlements, entries and balances.
  • How to create and manage absence reasons, absence certifications, absence cases, absence types, absence data, and absence categories.
  • How to integrate Cloud Absence Management and Cloud Time and Labor, as well as understand how work schedules impact Cloud Absence Management.