Audience :

  • Benefits Managers
  • Benefits Administrators
  • Benefits Specialists
  • HR Specialist
  • Human Resources Information Technology
  • Human Resources Information Systems
  • Employees

Objectives :

  • How to manage and maintain benefits, open enrollment processes, life events, and beneficiaries.
  • How to utilize security reference implementation and functional setup roles, as well as identify access roles and implementation projects.
  • How to manage general benefits in HCM, including: objects, benefit groups, legal entities, and relationships.
  • How to manage year periods, plan types, and options, as well as identify the benefit hierarchy.
  • How to enter and configure basic program plans, eligibility, enrollment, designations, and certifications.
  • How to manage contacts and designations, elect benefits, as well as review and resolve actions.
  • How to navigate and apply the Affordable Care Act to your benefits.