Audience :

  • Project Team Members
  • Functional Implementers
  • Configuration Consultants
  • Configuration Implementers
  • Implementation Consultants
  • Technical Consultants

Objectives :

You will learn:
  • How to setup, configure, and manage your Oracle HCM Cloud environment.
  • How to define your business structures such as your legislative data groups, business units, legal entity information, departments, locations, grades and rates, and jobs or positions.
  • How to add a new employee and manage new and existing employees’ personal and employment information such as transfers, terminations, and promotions.
  • How to utilize the Person Gallery, Gallery Portrait, and Line Manager Self-Service to assign and organize direct reports for all employees in your business.
  • How to manage Person/Employments records, work shifts, schedules, and calendar events.
  • How to apply security features using profiles and data role assignments.
  • How to customize pages, apply Flexfield concepts, and prepare for test to production migration.